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Some precautions to try 'sploshing', the most delicious erotic practice

Some precautions to try ‘sploshing’, the most delicious erotic practice

See if there is a relationship between sex and food that it is almost impossible to opt for one of the options, giving up the other.

Or, at least, that is what they have found out from LELO -the brand of erotic luxury toys-, with their latest study where they asked to choose and, as a result, 56% of those surveyed stated that they chose carnal pleasure before food.

Food and sex are connected to the point that “What is a kiss if not tasting your partner ?” reflects the sexologist and writer Valérie Tasso at the event organized this Thursday by the Swedish company in Ditaly.

«The function of the kiss is to see if we are going to like the other person, to see if we will be sexually compatible. It has a lot of sexual cannibalism,” says the expert.

In fact, that gluttony can also be taken to bed is something that is demonstrated by another of the results of the study that the sexologist explains to us.

27% of people between 35 and 46 years old fantasize about food and sex, which has its own name: sploshing.

Some precautions to try 'sploshing', the most delicious erotic practiceThis erotic practice, which consists of stimulation through food, ranges from the universal game of spreading some cream or ice cream on some part of the body, to harder versions involving seas of spaghetti covered in tomato sauce.

A real feast.

It is also another of the things that a sexual encounter or a meal share, with the quality of the raw material – that is, having good ingredients – little else is needed.

The fact that, according to the study, 91% of Spaniards do not know sploshing, even though they have put it into practice without knowing it, makes it clear that a series of basics must be reviewed in order to be able to practice it safely.

Safety recommendations for sploshing

For now, all that is spicy food -especially sauces- should be off the menu of the sexual encounter.

The mucous membranes, already sensitive, can be affected to the point of completely loading the vaginal or anal intimate flora.

If we want to spread or choose food to distribute throughout the body, it is recommended to do so only for external use.

Although, as Valérie reminds me, in BDSM contexts there are people who seek pleasure in pain, to avoid affecting their health, it is better to avoid introducing food through the urethra or other orifices.

Another example that has become very popular is ginger, whose itching effect seems to give any practice a plus, but, however natural it may be, it is better to use it only in areas such as “the nipples”, advises the sexologist.

(Also, you can always recycle the root later to make yourself an infusion.)

Subsequent hygiene is essential to prevent remains from entering where they should not – and could lead to an infection -.

And another safety recommendation that the expert points out is to pay special attention to the containers that are used to hold food.

In the heat of passion, it is better to leave everything that is made of glass away from the area of ​​action and opt for plastic plates or dishes (or other flexible materials that do not run the risk of fracturing).

Once you have these clear recommendations -and that’s it- it’s time to take action. Plan the meeting in advance, get organized to buy everything you need (cream, syrup, ice cream, yogurt…) and enjoy.

Because, as Valérie reminds us, we also have … Read the rest

Ethical masturbation could change your perspective on sex forever

Ethical masturbation could change your perspective on sex forever

One of the best ways you can support sex workers is to watch ethical porn. Here’s what you should know before you give your next paw.

First of all, I know the term “ethical porn” makes you think of porn for women – super artsy stuff that just blows your mind.

“Unfortunately, the term ethical pornography has the same connotations as corporate social responsibility,” said Cindy Gallop, founder of MakeLoveNotPorn, a subscription-based user-generated content adult video platform. (She prefers to use the term “social sex” to describe her platform.)

sexy couple

But while the term sounds boring, in reality, ethical pornography is much more exciting and interesting and contains everything from BDSM to blockchain technology.

What is ethical pornography?

Most of us were exposed to unethical pornography in the 2000s, when sites like Pornhub became the standard way the population consumed adult films. You could access porn movies with a single click, without knowing how they were made or who uploaded them to the site.

Fortunately, after several awareness campaigns and the criminalization of “revenge porn”, many sites have removed illegal and pirated content, and many debates have been sparked about the ethics of porn

Although there are a bunch of definitions for it, ethical pornography is basically pornography where sex workers are treated ethically. “It means their rights are being respected,” explained sex educator Evie Plumb. “Money, safety and the way they are treated come first. Consent, sexual health and the rights of sex workers are paramount.”

What makes ethical pornography ethical?

“To decide when pornography is ethical, you need to know what is unethical. Revenge porn is not ethical, nor is filmed sexual abuse. This kind of content needs to be removed from all platforms,” ​​said Lilly Sparks, founder of ethical porn site afterglow, referring to sharing sexual content without the consent of the person or persons involved.

“Then there’s the pornography created by scumbags who don’t want to do anything illegal, but they’re doing it for the money. It’s that mainstream , classic pornography. And then there’s ethical pornography, where producers care about the impact of their films.”

Ethical pornography can be divided into three broad categories. It’s content produced in a safe environment where everyone is of age, has given their consent , and is enthusiastically participating. And artists are paid fairly for their effort and work. The final – and probably most debated – aspect of ethical pornography is the content itself.

For many feminists, ethical pornography is not performative – it’s inclusive, includes very diverse bodies, and doesn’t care what men think. Many ethical porn sites are founded on these principles and hope to eradicate the unrealistic expectations about sex promoted by mainstream porn and shatter the stereotypes promoted by it.

Sparks emphasized that it’s important not to shame others’ kinks and recognize that the same thing can be humiliating to one person and empowering to another. “It’s not ok to be disgusted by what someone else likes. If an actress wants to be paid two hundred dollars to show a guy her legs, who are you to tell her that’s unethical?”

How do you know if the porn you’re watching was ethically produced?

Unfortunately, there is no committee that approves films from this perspective, although there are associations like the Free Speech Coalition that protect the rights of employees in the workplace.

However, there are some telltale signs that the film you’re watching was ethically produced. For example, the site MakeLoveNotPorn requires users who upload material to the platform to prove with documents … Read the rest

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